Business Ethics Forum for Young Professionals

We are pleased to announce the call for applications for the second cohort of the Business Ethics Forum for Young Professionals (BEF-YP)! The mission of BEF-YP is to practically apply Catholic Social Teaching and the classical virtues to business decision making and professional work through business case study discussions. Our goal is to become better professionals and better Catholics by striving to understand and live the virtues and Catholic Social Teaching applied to practical situations. Find the BEF-YP application here. Deadline for applications will be Wednesday, June 1st.

Here are some details about the BEF-YP:

    • The Business Ethics Forum (BEF) for seasoned professionals has over 10 years of history in Dallas, Houston and other cities. The format is to have a short pre-read (usually consisting of a news article that presents an interesting business case, along with discussion questions and excerpts from The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church) and then have a quarterly 75 minute early morning meeting (or lunchtime meeting if the group prefers) for a facilitated discussion of the case.

    • BEF-YP has a one-year history of success in Dallas. It is geared toward professionals under the age of 35, mostly under 30. The first group liked it so much that at the end of the one-year program they requested to continue the quarterly meetings and to also have regular brunch and happy hour meetings in between the quarterly case study meetings. Some participants found it pivotal as a catalyst to take their faith more seriously, while they and others also found it very helpful in finding meaning and guidance for their professional work, careers, understanding of business, and ethical challenges in the context of being young Catholic professionals.

    • The commitment to participation in BEF-YP is to attend four quarterly case study meetings in the one year program and to do the required pre-read (at most two hours of preparation per quarterly meeting). Additionally there will be optional brunch and happy hour meetings together with the 2015 class.

Apply today!